ACD’s construction service provides solutions for extensions and alterations, refurbishment and new building projects. Our preferred construction approach is for the combined  design and construct combination, as this has shown over many projects to save our clients time and money. With our in-house design team, we are well equipped to look at any tender or architect documented project.

ACD also offers models for “cost plus” and “fixed sum contracts”, providing a large range of freedom and security options to match our clients’ needs and the differing profiles of projects.

With vast experience in both greenfield projects and within fully operational facilities, ACD and our team of professional trades are well versed in the needs of both operators and residents through all stages of the building process. This covers, pre-commencement, during the build and after completion.

With over 30 years building experience and 50 aged care projects completed, ACD have amassed extensive knowledge of the requirements pertaining to Aged Care construction, including; 9c regulations, the Australian standards and the day to day operational needs of facility operators.


The design of any building is important – not only for the short term construction, but also for its longer term use and amenity. Combine these normal project elements with the regulatory complexity of the Aged Care industry, and the design goes from an important element to a critical one.

Seeing some clients impacted by poor external design work over time, Aged Care Developments created its own in house design team to ensure that Aged Care design experience was available for all projects. Since the inception of this team, ACD have built many projects using our own design expertise, with a number of further projects benefiting from our design team adding improvements along the way.

Most operators would expect that a poor design could impact the build cost of a site, but in the Aged Care industry, a poor design can have significant long term issues for the operator as well. These can be due to either increased minimum staff  numbers, poor aesthetics or functionality for residents and staff.

Providing a full service from; concept design, through the town planning process to detailed construction drafting, our design team will provide an enhanced project outcome every time. When coupled with our core Construction service, you have the benefit of Aged Care expertise across the full plan, design and construction of your Aged Care facility.

For more information on our Aged Care design service, please contact us for a design concept discussion.


Driven by the expertise which Aged Care Developments has amassed over time with the development of more than 50 Aged Care projects, ACD can provide consulting services to other design and construction professionals.

Leveraging the importance of quality design which aligns with Aged Care regulations, our consulting service can identify problematic design attributes or construction methods – before they are constructed for longer term client satisfaction.

Redesigning some small aspects of a project early on can vastly improve the longer term operational efficiency of the site, so as to ensure that appropriate site certifications are attained.

To discuss how our consulting services may aid in achieving success with your Aged Care project, please contact us to arrange for a complementary initial discussion.